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Revv up Education with AI

Personalise learning for your Students.

Blended, on-campus and online.


How it Works

The Pandemic has further increased the already high anxiety levels of  High school students. This reduces their ability to learn effectively, causing a vicious cycle. 

“Students tutored one-to-one outperform 98% of traditionally taught students” – Benjamin Bloom’s landmark research. Once a student is able to learn more with less effort, the stress levels reduce. 

RevvEd uses deep Educational Psychology to understand each student. Then, it uses Artificial Intelligence to enable personalised learning. Enabling each student to reach peak education performance. Without the stress.


Understand each student’s unique strengths, weaknesses, motivations and social-emotional-physical well-being


Curate not just the curriculum content but also best practices of studying, aligned to each student’s individual needs.


Analyse and forecast Student Performance. So, you can “human-coach” only where needed.

The RevvEd AI Engine drives personalisation through two AI Digital Assistants. One for the student and the other for the educator.

Student’s Study Buddy

The “Student’s Study Buddy” makes learning a joy for each student. It understands each student like a Best Friend, and gently coaches the student towards best practices of studying most suited to each student. Enabling the students to achieve more with less stress by:

  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses & productive hours.
  • Creating personalised study plans adapted to each student
  • Tracking homework and assignments
  • Connecting students to peer study-groups
  • Enhancing engagement and focus
  • Monitoring physical and mental well-being

Teacher’s Digital Assistant

The “Teacher’s Digital Assistant” AI bot automates analysis of student performance and routine administrative tasks a tutor has to perform, freeing up valuable time to focus on students, while enhancing efficiency. It:

  • Schedules classes, assignments and tests
  • Analyses & follows-up on student engagement and progress
  • Automates workflows, questions, paper corrections
  • Schedules need-based human-coaching for Study Groups
  • AI-enabled Testing & Proctoring
  • Fetches data from legacy systems like Learning Management System and Student Management Systems.

Check out our approach to AI Education in this TEDx talk, 

“The missing piece in democratising AI is You” 

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