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RevvEd AI Learning Coach

An AI Digital Assistant that upgrades your learning capabilities

Consolidates the expertise of specialists in education, psychology and wellbeing. Then, simplifies it to a set of easy activities and content, personalised for you. And nudges you to complete them.

Lifelong Learners

The Pandemic has changed Learning forever. Learners are struggling with mental health issues when they are forced into post-pandemic learning using pre-pandemic tools.


Successful Students

Empower your students to happily achieve higher results

The RevvEd.AI Learning Coach enables each student to understand himself / herself in a level of detail that was not possible till now. It coaxes each student to realise the full potential. Just the way a dedicated coach would

Engaged Employees

Create a digital-first culture through Learning & Development

The RevvEd AI Learning Coach can help the employees embrace the new normal more easily, with guided support helping them on the journey to the cultural change required for Digital adoption. As you show genuine concern for their wellbeing

How it Works


Software is primed with skills & knowledge of specialists

Knowledge and skills of the human experts converted into tools, templates, and methodologies to drive user transformation journeys


Converses to understand each learner as a "human"

RevvEd AI Learning Coach humanises each learner. It understands each person across several human dimensions like strengths, weaknesses, mental health, personality, ambitions & habits. 

This deep understanding of each individual forms the basis of personalising the coaching.


Plan Converts "intent" into actionable micro-tasks, based on best-practices

RevvEd AI Learning Coach breaks down the learning goals into discrete tasks, spread over a period of time. Over time, the technology will adjust the milestone dates to deliver a customised learning plan tailored specially for each learner!


Motivates habit formation for micro-tasks, with well-placed nudges

RevvEd Ai Learning Coach knows where your learners might need a little nudge to complete the tasks. Over time, the Coach will learn and deliver nudges when you are most likely to act on them and till it becomes a habit!



Timely in-app and SMS alerts to enable you stay on top of your most important tasks

Set Goals

The algorithm prioritises your tasks and coaxes you to do the one most important. Machine Learning would get more accurate with prioritising as you use the system more.


Access to a library of content from top experts to help you improve!. With usage, the content would be personalised to the Goals you set for yourself.

EQ Tool

Micro-tests to self-assess your current state. Attractive charts and graphs for analysis.

Inspirational Quotes

Dynamically updating quotes to motivate you to complete your tasks. AI would deliver more appropriate quotes with usage.

Friendly Digital Assistant

  • Uncover your strengths & weaknesses
  • Identify your productive hours.
  • Monitor your physical and emotional well-being
  • Make you smile!

(Coming soon)


Charts and graphs on your progress. Creates early warnings in time for course-correction. Links you to a “human expert” you could reach out to when needed.

Learning Goals

The Learning Goals are broken down into tasks. You can see your pending tasks in a calendar view. (Coming soon)

Customer Testimonial

SingularityU Australia’s mission is to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. At the SingularityU Australia Summit’s Wellness Program, we wanted to create an immersive and enduring experience. To that end we engaged with the Learning Coach App to transform the lives of many. That’s what we collectively do.

Ideation without execution is hallucination and the RevvEd.AI Learning Coach has been executed with precision and innovation. We look forward to working together on future projects. There are many more lives we can impact together and many more superheros to be unleashed. #UnleashYourSuperHero

Christina Gerakiteys

Co-CEO, SingularityU Australia

Meet our Experts

Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell

Founder & Chief Wellness Officer, Raw Energy

Lawrence Mitchell is the Founder and CWO at RAW Energy, and former Chief Customer Officer of SumoSalad and Chief Marketing & Wellbeing Officer of RELX Risk & Analytics.

As a Wellbeing & Marketing coach, Lawrence’s Total Wellbeing philosophy sees everyone as whole people with whole lives. He works with individuals and teams to create psychologically balanced people and cultures during periods of rapid change and uncertainty. Based in Sydney, Lawrence runs virtual workshops and events with corporates and individuals around the world; is the Editor and Publisher of EQUILIBRIUM, and author of two books: Success Without Stress: How to prevent burnout and build resilience, and A Better Life: Discover what you really want, and how to get it.

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